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Revscale™ is a powerful sales & marketing automation and B2B lead generation software suite that every professional should have in their arsenal, with tools that mimics human behavior to connect with and convert your ideal prospects into warm leads. Spend less time prospecting and more time closing.

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So Much More Than Just Lead Generation.

Our suite of tools includes AI-powered outreach methods, data-driven actionable insights for social growth, crafted by professionals with a deep understanding of human psychology & customer behaviors.

Lead Generation for Pros & Teams

Revscale's outreach methods are crafted with a deep understanding of human behavior. Our cutting-edge technology not only speeds up the sales process, but also reduces its cost.

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AUTOM8 Your Infrastructure & Social

AUTOM8™ Infra helps you build adaptable workflow automations and scale processes & AUTOM8™ Social helps companies scale their brand across social media.

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Scale economically and efficiently with fractional executive teams that have years of industry experience executing, not experimenting with a plug-and-play approach that allows you to scale up or down as needed.

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execution, not experimentation

Built On the Principles of Human Psychology.

Revscale's outreach methods are crafted with a deep understanding of human behavior, designed to engage your prospects with greater success.

  • Take the guesswork out of outreach

  • Reach your target audience more effectively

  • Take the exhaustion out of the sales process


Data-Driven and Results-Oriented

Our data-driven approach ensures that your outreach is effective in reaching and engaging your target audience, with outreach messaging and methods continually learning and adapting based on your campaign results to ensure continued success.


avg. return on 'efforts'


untapped potentials

Revscale Spotlight

Jason Malefakis

Founder & CEO | Wayo

Revscale seamlessly saves us time and money by not only finding the perfect leads but also making the introductions and setting the stage for live conversations and deal closings...I just wish we had started earlier!


conversations with angel investors in 3 mo

Soham Tikekar

CEO @ Versai

Revscale helped us get several key partnership meetings that could be huge for our company if they pan out - for the Investor outreach we're doing, it's a no brainer.


avg. INcrease in Revenue & Partnerships

Luke Versweyveld

Founder @ Flintworks

The team at Ƒ(RACTIONAL) has been great to work with. The team is talented and responsive. Amazing value for the cost!

6x - 7x

time saved on product timeline & launch

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Collect doing payment

Leverage agile frameworks to provide has robust synopsis for high good level.

April 7, 2021

9 min read

Collect doing payment

Leverage agile frameworks to provide has robust synopsis for high good level.

April 7, 2021

9 min read

Collect doing payment

Leverage agile frameworks to provide has robust synopsis for high good level.

April 7, 2021

9 min read

SaaS KPIs to Track for B2B and B2C Platforms

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Integrated with Your Existing Tech Stack

Leverage the automated world we live in - connect Revscale to hundreds of other platforms to create powerful workflows to streamline the use of our platform.

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Frequently Asked

Whether you need help with lead generation, customer acquisition, brand awareness, or conversion rate optimization, Revscale has the expertise and resources to help you succeed.

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How long before I see results with Revscale?

How long it takes to start seeing results on Revscale can vary based on a number of factors, including the type of business, the target audience, and the specific goals and objectives. At Revscale, we use advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to optimize your campaigns and drive results, and this process can take some time.

We always recommend that clients let Revscale run for at least 2-3 cycles or months before expecting to see significant results. This allows our system to gather data and learn from your prospects' behavior, optimizing and refining your campaigns over time.

It's important to note that while we strive to provide results as quickly as possible, there is no magic formula for instant success. In some cases, it may take longer to see results depending on the complexity of the target market or the level of competition in the industry. However, we work closely with our clients to set realistic expectations and ensure that we are continually optimizing and refining our approach to drive the best possible results.

Ultimately, the key to success with Revscale is a commitment to the process and a willingness to work closely with our team to optimize and refine your campaigns over time. With time and persistence, we are confident that our AI-powered approach can help you achieve your sales and marketing goals and drive growth and revenue for your business.

How does Revscale use psychology to convert prospects into leads/deals?

Revscale Pro™ uses social touch points to help you build relationships with your prospects and make them more inclined to respond and respond positively to your outreach. Our platform leverages the principles of behavioral psychology to create a series of social touch points that help you establish a subconscious connection with your prospects, even if they are not immediately interested in your products or services. By showing your prospects your face, name, and profile on various different mediums and in various different forms, you'll be able to build that subconscious trust and establish a relationship with them before ‘actually engaging them’ for the purpose of turning them into a closed deal, whether the ‘deal’ is booking a meeting, subscribing to a platform, downloading a white paper, or raising capital.

It's important to run Revscale Pro™ continuously in order to keep your prospects engaged and interested in your brand. By providing them with relevant and valuable content on a regular basis, you'll be keeping yourself at the forefront of their minds, even if they were not initially interested.

Do I own the content Revscale produces for me? Where is it posted?

You'll have complete ownership of all the content that is produced alongside your campaigns. This means that you have the flexibility to use this content in any way that you like, whether that's by posting it on your own blog, using it for other marketing efforts, or sharing it with your prospects. Additionally, Revscale Pro™ gives you the option to have your content posted on our guest blog, which can help to improve your SEO ranking slightly by creating a backlink to your site. This added exposure and increased visibility can help to drive more traffic to your site, and improve your overall online presence.

With this added content, you'll have the tools you need to attract and engage your prospects, and build stronger relationships with them over time while also increasing the chances of them becoming customers.

What Industries Can Revscale Be Used For?
Are There Any That It Doesn't Work For?

Revscale can be used in so many different business verticals, whether it is for lead generation for financial services, recruiting, SaaS, finding investors for startup fundraising, both growing & enterprise sales teams, agencies, freelancers, and more.

Where can I see a demo / learn more about Revscale?

We have a short 13-minute demo that can be viewed, along with some other helpful resources that can be found here.

Revscale is Hyper-Targeted and Hyper-Personalized to Automate Your Growth Efforts.

4.9 Rating based on real reviews

"Revscale has been a lifesaver for us, taking our existing pipeline and plugging in their conversion machine. We now have a different set of problems - good ones to have - focused around handling the massive influx of new sign-ups and channel partners"

Dustin Byington